Audio: Jack Straw soap box session on Radio 4

Following in the footsteps of journalists such as Jeramy Paxman, Paddy O’Connell from Radio 4’s Broadcasting House came to Blackburn town centre yesterday to see one of Jack Straw’s famous “soap box” question and answer sessions:

Tory candidate Michael Law-Riding was spotted shuffling past. Funny he didn’t stick around for long!

One thought on “Audio: Jack Straw soap box session on Radio 4”

  1. I’ve recently been reading about Jack Straws reluctance to be involved in the recent ‘transfer’ of undesirable prisoners from prison due to be inspected by Her Majesties Chief Inspector of Prisons.
    As a prison officer of over 26 years service, I find this situation almost amusing, Mr Straw has made many statements in his term of office, many controversial, many not worth the time of day. My late father always told me that you knew when a politician was lying, because his lips were moving, reminds me of Labours return to Parliament many years ago, he (Jack Straw) had promised a restoration of strike action if they (Labour) were returned to power. Well colour me amazed, they were elected, but the promises (amazingly) were broken.
    Mr Straw, give up while you have the chance, you have little or no integrity, it can only get worse.

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