Weather woes

Weather woes, but whose fault is the mess
that has resulted on the streets of Blackburn?

According to the Councils ruling coalition of Tory, Lib-Dem and Darwen independent misfits it’s certainly not them.

“Residents are lazy, not tough enough, whinging, selfish and soft.”

These are just some of the claims made by Tory and Liberal Councillors and spokespeople during this period of terrible weather.

As usual with the Tories and their allies when things go badly wrong on their watch it is everyone else’s fault and not theirs. However, the facts point the blame right at where it needs to be. It shows that due to the lack of planning and penny pinching when it comes to providing adequate services the incompetence of those running the Council has led to the whole Borough grinding to a halt.

The list of problems is endless – schools are closed, businesses are suffering terribly, hospitals are being put under pressure and transport has all but stopped. Vulnerable residents who receive home care are being left isolated cold and hungry as their carers cannot reach them and they can’t get out to the shops.

This has happened despite the bad weather having been predicted for weeks. I mean this is the North of England and everyone knows at least once a year it does snow and we have icy conditions.

As usual the Council has failed to adequately plan for the inclement conditions. Despite the hilly nature of the area they have failed to supply salt bins where they are needed and unforgivably they have failed to fill up the few salt bins there are.

Cynicism has also surfaced as cars have been abandoned all over the Borough and the Council see an opportunity:

Helping the drivers by clearing the snow and ice? No that would need common sense and unfortunately our Council bosses lack that in abundance. Instead they spot a nice little earner and send traffic wardens out to put fixed penalty notices on all the cars stuck in the snow.

Hitting stranded motorists and saving money by keeping grit stocks dangerously low allows them to spend thousands more on their jollies including conference expenses and allowances.

Welcome to a winter wonderland Tory controlled Blackburn with Darwen style!

Happy New Year

Author: Kate Hollern

Kate is the leader of the Labour opposition group on Blackburn with Darwen Council.

2 thoughts on “Weather woes”

  1. Come on Kate – you can do better than that. What would you have done differently? Perhaps you could have produced some salt out of thin air? This council were not alone in being unable to cope. Many other councils (including Labour Councils) had the same problem.

    Afraid I find this blog full of inuedo and half truths and as a teacher I give it 2/10.

  2. Hi Peter,
    what I would have done differently would have been to ensure salt stocks did not fall as low as they did. In November there were 2700 tonnes, the Council uses about 100 tonnes per day.In order to make this stock last longer and reduce the cost to the Council areas were very poorly gritted, and even that was only on the four major routes. This allowed snow to turn to ice and then more snow on top leaving very dangerous condidtions. The order to replenish the dangerously low stocks was not made until the 23rd of December, a full week after the heavy snow had started to fall, which was way too late. As a result the Council ran out of gritt. Had sufficient stock been purchased and used at the right levels, at the right time the roads would not have had the build up of ice that they had, more roads could have been gritted, less accidents would have happened and we would have had enough stock in before the heavy demand from the south of the country caused rationing.Other neighbouring authorities seemed to manage, in fact the Leader of the Councty Council said they had plenty of gritt.

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