What have 3000 people done in the last 24 hours?

I love politics… something I never thought I’d say.  Always thought that politics was something that other people did, the ones with politics degrees and who had nothing else to do with their lives.

I joined the Labour Party in January (shouldn’t really say that should I?! – but still it’s true) and it has made such a dramatic difference to me.  My friends always ask me what is going on and last night when I was in the refectory at uni the lady who was serving me was quizzing me all about a hung parliament and what it meant.

Now, I love politics.  For me, the reason I love politics is because it is about fighting for something that you believe in, standing up for what you think is right and having a voice to disagree with something you don’t.  One of my friends said to me after complaining about a few things that she didn’t vote in the last election, my point to her was that you have a vote use it – join in and fix it instead of sitting at home or in the pub complaining!

So I have decided to tell as many people as possible to join the Labour Party and get involved.  We need you!  There has never been a better time to get involved and show your support!

This election campaign has been brilliant and as most of you will know we had a fantastic result in Blackburn.  I had a man ask me at the count why Blackburn Labour Party are so good?  My reply, it is all about teamwork and more importantly fighting for what we believe is right – fighting for the many not the few!

The next election I want you to be a part of it!  So join https://secure2.labour.org.uk/join/ or if you’re unsure get in touch and I’ll be happy to have a chat with you – katie.haworth@blackburnlabour.org

2 thoughts on “What have 3000 people done in the last 24 hours?”

  1. Katie, I’m glad that you joined Labour in January. Today we watched, or I watched, a new set of MPs joining the House of Commons. I want to be part of that. As I get older the thrill of politics never leaves me; I feel the same excitement that I felt when I was learning Political History & Economics at school and then University. I’m always happy to see people joining the fray.

    I have one problem with Blackburn Labour and that is I can’t get into the battle for a better society, or a progressive one, because the Party offices are upstairs and I’m in a wheelchair. Still, I’m chomping at the bit and ready, when called upon, to take part where I can.

    The other annoying thing for me was being ill all through the election. I recoperated in Hastings, so missed everything in Blackburn but my vote on election day. Hastings is a beautiful place to recover but I was sad to see the Constituency fall to Amber Rudd and the Conservatives and not stay with Labour’s Michael Foster. I’m proud to be part of a Labour group that, massively, bucked the national trend.

  2. John, yes be proud of Labours 29%, lower than the Conservatives ever managed in 1997, 2001 and 2005. Great performance!

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