Where will the cuts end!

The shortsightedness of Tory policy astounds me more each day.  With every day the TV news and the local press highlight more drastic cuts announced by the local Council and the national government.

There has been much publicity surrounding Blackburn Council’s decision to close Shadsworth Leisure Centre as well as a string of community centres in deprived areas.  What has received less publicity but is no less significant is the Tory Council’s decision to cut funding for Police Community Support Officers.

There has always been a sense of pride in Blackburn that we pioneered community policing – with police offices based in community centres and crime down.  PCSOs form a vital part of this.  They ensure a police presence on the street and have helped act as a deterrent to those considering criminal or anti-social behaviour.

The plans pushed through last week have put the Tory led Council in direct conflict with local police.  Surely if other facilities are shut and jobs are lost we will need more police not less!

It’s quite simple though to the Tories – they know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Author: Damian Talbot

Damian is the Chair of Blackburn Labour Party. He was elected as a councillor for Mill Hill ward in 2007 and also works in the offices of Jack Straw.

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