Sad times ahead for our town and its citizens

This week we face sad and worrying times in Blackburn as a consequence of the vicious cuts imposed by the Tory High Executioners in Westminster supported by their Liberal Democrat poodles. The members of those parties locally should hang their heads in shame at the damage their colleagues in Government are inflicting on our town and our people.

This Thursday Blackburn with Darwen’s Executive Board will put in train a process that ultimately will lead to around 1000 people losing their jobs and from the end of March we will see Council services slashed and in some instances discontinued all together.

The loss of these jobs will have devastating affect on the local economy and together with the decline in services no family living in the Borough will be left unaffected.

Blackburn with Darwen is faced by a cut of nearly £28 million in this year alone, despite your Labour Council trying hard to protect front line services all key areas have been hit. We have reduced Councillors allowances by 10%, cut the number of senior officers by 30%, made efficiencies by sharing our management with health and greatly reduced back office costs but in reality these are but a drop in the ocean given the size of the short fall in the funding we have received..

Sadly, therefore I have to inform you that from April there will be less street cleaning, less care for the elderly, less provision for our young people, less buses, reduced hours in libraries, leisure centres and less help and advice for those on benefits, just when we need it most. There will be less delivered by the voluntary sector, the health sector and the Police Authority

On Thursday and in the weeks and months ahead however, we will not forget where the blame for such damaging consequences lies. The Tories have always looked out for their banker friends with their bonuses in the City and those who live in the affluent areas of the country. It is patently unfair that a Council like Blackburn has been hit harder than the leafy Boroughs of the south or the rural parts of the North West.

When David Cameron and George Osborne cynically claim that we are all in this together we can be forgiven for resorting to so called un-parliamentary language by questioning their sincerity and honesty.

Author: Kate Hollern

Kate is the leader of the Labour opposition group on Blackburn with Darwen Council.

8 thoughts on “Sad times ahead for our town and its citizens”

  1. Kate – its very remiss of you to blame the conservatives for the spending cuts. Wasn’t it the last labour governments failure to regulate the banking system which led to almost total collapse of the economy and unaffordable public spending. Personally I think that the current government are trying to make the best of a bad job that was handed over to them by Labour.

    As for local cuts why not look closer at home rather than seeking to apportion blame?

  2. Hi Peter,

    If the Government is making the best of a bad job can you explain why:

    Vodaphone has been allowed to write of millions of tax.

    How the Government can lend billions of £s to Ireland

    And why the more affluent areas of the country have seen much smaller cuts, some even seeing an increase.

    Perhaps you can explain why the want to spend millions on creating another Tory MEP, or why the want to spend millions on electing people to head up the Police Authorities.

    On the politics show yesterday Francis Maude held Blackburn up as an authority that had good practise sharing resources, what he did not say that despite being recognised as a good authority they are still cutting £ 33 million from our budget. We have reduced those top earners, we have private partnerships, we do share a Chief Executive, we have stopped the waste of the last coalition, but despite all this they feel this area does not need the services the Council provides, help for the elderly, intervention for those at risk and support for those who need it.

    The truth of the matter is, we live up North and they really don’t care.

  3. Please be aware that Peter Filcek does not live in Blackburn, did not make the post above and does not hold the views expressed. Some tory coward has ‘borrowed’ his name and we think we know who, Jim.

  4. We are not all in this together.
    Just watch the N.H.S. go private who will suffer the most?
    Watch the Police cuts except in London.
    It shows that the working class are suffering food poverty and losing their homes.
    The elderly are just left to rot.
    “SHAME ON YOU” as a Government I would not be able to live with myself if I inflicted so much pain on the people of this Country

  5. David Cameron has proudly stated that he will turn the NHS into a thriving business.
    Great if you have lots of money, longer waiting lists or worse, no treatment if you don’t.

    We have to tell him and his Liberal cronies the NHS is not for sale

  6. Its time this Government grew a pair and took full responsibility for the mess they have inflicted with their slash and burn cuts.
    Their watch their cuts
    Its a dereliction of duty to the people of this Country and you should be ashamed.

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