Tory cuts are hurting but aren’t working

Figures released last week show that unemployment has risen for the 8th straight month, up 48000 to 2.67 million, the highest unemployment rate since 1995. Youth unemployment is up 22000 and women continue to be amongst the hardest hit. Yet before the last election David Cameron claimed to be a “compassionate conservative!” We don’t see any “compassion” from this Tory government as Cameron’s economic policies continue to rip-through the hearts of communities, particularly here in the north.  And still they continue to blame everyone and everything else except themselves.

They blame the Labour Government for “reckless” spending yet the truth is for 10 years of that government the Tories actually criticised Labour, saying they would spend MORE if in power!!  Only when the world recession hit, due to reckless bankers gambling, did they change their tune, ultimate political opportunism!  They blamed the euro crisis and the royal wedding and even tried to blame the snow!!  The fact is when Labour left office the economy was growing and unemployment was falling.  Yes the deficit needs to be addressed but the reality is the Tories are cutting too far and too fast and if they continue this path, a path that has damaged the economy with no growth and no hope and doubled youth unemployment in 1 year, then the legacy left will be a “jobless generation” that this country cannot afford.

The truth is there is no such thing as a “compassionate Conservative” and like under previous Tory governments unemployment is rising rapidly again, which is NEVER a price worth paying.

One thought on “Tory cuts are hurting but aren’t working”

  1. This coming from a bunch of nefarious, self-serving cronies who have destroyed the very fabric of our Town. From Shirley Williams, to her parachuted cronie Straw, My town has never held it’s head up!
    We will never recover from your inept leadership!

    Publish that! – I will!

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