Council cuts in England detailed – BWDBC unfairly hit

According to the Guardian’s analysis of council cuts Tory local government cabinet supremo Eric Pickles’ is presiding over drastic spending cuts which will hit the poorest in society hardest. Data compiled by Newcastle city council shows alarming divides in council funding: between rich and poor, north and south and rural and urban areas.

The analysis showed councils in northern, urban cities and London boroughs with high levels of deprivation predominately run by Labour have seen had their budgets cut by almost ten times the amount taken from mostly Tory-administered rural southern England authorities during the government’s first spending round, according to an analysis by officials.

According to the analysis Blackburn with Darwen is the sixth worse sufferer of cuts behind the London Boroughs of Hackney & Newham , the Cities of Liverpool & Manchester & the Borough of Knowsley . This is despite the analysis showing that over 1 in 4 (26.8%) children in BWDBC are living in poverty.

The figures show that every person in Blackburn with Darwen has lost £205.40 as a result of the savage cuts imposed by the Coalition Government whereas leafy Boroughs, mainly in the South, have been treated much less harshly.

For example, residents who live in Richmond upon Thames have only lost  a paltry £12 each where as those who live in Cheshire East represented by the Chancellor George Osborne have only lost £20 & people living in West Oxfordshire whose MP is David Cameron have only lost £34. 

If you were being cynical you could say that in the main the rich parts of the country have had the price of a takeaway or a night out at the Cinema taken from them, whilst in the poorer area families have lost the equivalent an entire week’s budget.

So much for Cameron’s claim about us all being in this together!

Commenting on the figures shadow communities secretary Hilary Benn has also pointed out that Labour councils on average suffer cuts of more than £107 per head compared with Tory authority cuts of £36 and Liberal Democrat ones of just £38. He suggests local government funding is being used to alleviate the impact of cuts on Tory voters at the expense of Labour voters.

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2 comments to Council cuts in England detailed – BWDBC unfairly hit

  • Paul Newton

    Hi Damian,

    Being a BwDBC employee for the past 10 years and a union representative for 6 of those, I have seen the direct impact these devastating and quite spiteful cuts have had on not only fellow employees but local residents.
    I believe that the current Government have very little concern for the 99% of us that have to live on the edge of the sword because they are so out of touch. The quicker we can replace this unfair and damn right callous coalition the better.
    I therefore commend your above piece and wish for you to continue to point out the unjust nature of the “Big Society” misconception with concise measurement.

    Good luck


  • Imran Patel

    I am a former resident of BwDBC and now reside in westminster…its unfair to point out that the so called rich boroughs in london have lost paltry figures, these boroughs take in more council tax pay less out in council tax benefit therefore the net effect on their total expenditure is negligible. However in Blackburn the amount of council tax benefit paid is significantly higher hence reliance upon spending increases! Perhaps Kate Hollern you should concentrate on the inefficiencies of your administration 90k on alley gates and a further 90k on union activities

    my council tax here is £998 band F i would love an explanation as to how the same band in blackburn is over £2000. The truth is we are all guilty of inefficient spending..your revenue and capital exp for 2012/13 and investment clearly show that lessons have not been learnt 17% in council tax subsidies!!!! Ibby come on even you can’t defend such a waste

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