The death of Margaret Thatcher

On this significant day in our country’s history it’s clear that lots of people have strong views about Margaret Thatcher.  I certainly do, but I think the most powerful evidence of what people thought about her is the comments of people who lived through her term of office.  Why don’t you let Blackburn Labour Party know what you think.  Please let us know your views.

Author: Damian Talbot

Damian is the Chair of Blackburn Labour Party. He was elected as a councillor for Mill Hill ward in 2007 and also works in the offices of Jack Straw.

7 thoughts on “The death of Margaret Thatcher”

  1. Margaret Thatcher the person, mother, grandmother, etc., is one thing – and I have respect and sympathy over the death of another human being.

    Maggie the former Prime Minister is another thing altogether. What has caused me to make my comments is the rose-tinted-spectacled comments from the current Tory government and from people who don’t seem to have lived through the 80s and 90s under the tories. She was not the best thing since Winston Churchill and she did not put the Great back into Great Britain. She was not a role model for women and showed little caring in any of her actions.

    Maggie divided the nation into 2 distinct parts. A minority who did well under her regime made ‘loads o’ money’ and embraced the greed culture and the lack of caring for others that her government promoted. A majority who suffered to one degree or another through mass unemployment, the break up of communities, the housing crisis she caused and who were victims of blood-sucking greed culture that the minority subjected the rest of us to.

    I remember the cuts in funding that the public sector faced – stand still cash limits for years while inflation raged betweekn 10 and 15%. Hospitals and schools were neglected to fund wars like the Falklands, that could be avoided by diplomacy but Maggie needed to win the next election so she dragged our armed forces to the South Atlantic to kill or be killed.

    Maggie’s legacy is here with us today in the shape of Cameron, Osborne and the tory led coalition government. Maggie spent 11 years desimating the country while her followers are doing it in a fraction of the time – while holding her up as some sort of guru.

    Let’s be honest about Margaret Thatcher and remember the hateful damage she did to our country and not wallow in the false tributes from a minority of her rich followers.

  2. When someone dies we remember the person and look back on their life and the legacy they have left.

    I agree with other comments that we can sympathise with her family and friends at their loss.

    However to many of we will remember her by the legacy she left:-

    How she brought misery to the lives of millions
    How she destroyed whole communities
    How she divided the nation.
    How three million people unemployed was a price worth paying.
    How she decimated basic industries
    Privatised the railways and buses.
    Sold off our basic utillities.
    Introduced the dreaded Poll Tax.
    Sold off Council Housing and failed to replace
    Cheated children out of their school milk.
    Left schools to crumble
    The list goes on

    Its ironic that the woman who said there was no such thing as society now gets society to pay for her funeral.

    and her legacy lives on in Cameron and Co

  3. With all the cuts that Cameron has put on us, we now have to pay for a funeral for a woman that made are lives hell.This is not right if the govermen want her to have this funeral then let them pay for it out of thire pockets and not are’s.

  4. I find this post both arrogant and disrespectful. My family came from a working class background but still prospered during her tenure.

    They prospered due to hard work and the chance that Mrs Thatcher provided people with small businesses. Not only are you disrespectful to her, you are disrespectful to the people who voted for her in the way that you dismiss them as part of the ‘greed culture’ or the ‘rich minority’.


  5. Hi Chris and thanks for your comment.

    The purpose of this post is to give anyone the chance to air their views.

    I didn’t seek to offer an opinion but thought it best to let any readers share their experiences of Mrs Thatcher’s term of office. You are entitled to your opinion, which you have expressed. Likewise others are entitled to theirs, that is called freedom of speech. There is no arrogance. I think arrogance would be to fail to recognise that Thatcher’s term of office polarised the nation as it caused many people distress and hardship. A snall number of people did well for a short period but most of those were in and around London. I won’t repeat the comments already made as they are facts. We both grew up during Thatchers era and I’m glad that some people prospered. However, large sections of the population were driven into poverty and despair. She twice drove the country to 3 million plus unemployment and towns like Blackburn stagnated. All facts. The economy was in a mess when she left office. A war about a small group of islands 6000 miles away does not make up for the destruction of British society.

  6. I am using my right to freedom of speech to express my opinion that, IMO I think it is arrogant to label someone who supported the Tory party as people who ’embraced the greed culture.’

    Of course she was not perfect and made mistakes, the poll tax being one of them, as well as her insensitive but correct handling of the Miners Strike in 1984.. Who knows what would have happened if she hadn’t stood up to Argentina, Iraq, the IRA and don’t forget the Iranian Embassay in 1980. All successful operations IMO.

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