Should votes be counted on election night?

I recently appeared recently on BBC TV’s Politics Show interviewed by Annabel Tiffin. The question was whether to perform election counts immediately after the polls close or on the Friday a day after elections. It’s happened a few times locally and people seemed quite relaxed about it.

People can vote at their polling station 8am – 9pm for locals or 7am – 10pm in general elections or by post. Party workers often spend 3–4 weeks or more before canvassing or identifying votes for them. Election day can begin for them around 5am and go on till 4am the next day…there’s a load of adrenaline spent.

I’m pretty relaxed about when the count takes place. Our MP, Jack Straw, is opposed to any delay. It might suit more rural constituencies better. Take Ribble Valley with around 250 square miles in area. Just getting some ballot boxes to the Count might take an hour plus.