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  1. The council can’t be blamed for the recent snow but its response and communication were very poor – this is something the Labour group should pressure the council leaders on.

    Every time you read the Lancs Telegraph you seemed to get a different story from councillors and staff!

    The way that traffic wardens were ticketing abandoned cars was absolutely disgusting. The council then advised residents who needed to leave their cars for safety reasons that they should contact the town hall in order to help with any parking fine appeal – but this was DAYS after the problem started.

  2. Hi,

    I’m a Blackburn constituent and Im currently taking part in Oxfam’s ‘What does poverty mean to you’ challenge. I’m going to be living on £35 for the week, around the same amount given to an asylum seeker of my age. Asylum seekers are often misrepresented in the media and are easily scapegoated during so I thought I’d highlight how restricted their choices are once they come into the UK. You can read my blog here:

    Shehan Perera

  3. Once again this Con-Dem Government show its true colours.
    How vain of Cameron to give his personnel photographer a £35.000 a year job.
    He is the most photographed Prime Minister ever.
    He says we are all in this together how can this be true.
    The money would be better spent on the vulnerable in society.
    Just look in the mirror and you will see yourself but then maybe you wont like what you see.

  4. Jack

    Just bringing this matter to your attention:

    Please look into the Problems of tiny “Ripplehead Ices” a local Blackburn firm who are threatened with closure /Bankruptcy by Multinational Giant Eon, after receiving an Electricty bill for £60k! Small UK enterprises like Ripplehead Ices have a hard enough time in the current without having to fight Multinationals too..

    Cheers Jack

    Regards, Nick

  5. In an historic first for the Australian people, a Writ of Mandamus was served upon the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, Robert Shenton French in the High Court in Canberra at about 3.48 pm on Wednesday the 8th of December, last.

    The Writ of Mandamus pertains to the illegal “corporations” that have been formed, and are being operated under the “Commonwealth of Australia” ABN122 104 616 and the America Securities Exchange Commission No. 000 080 5157, and commands that this fraudulent “corporation,” and all of the fraudulent subsidiary “companies” – being those in each of the States be dissolved.

    Now this Writ will be dealt with, not by the High Court of Australia, but by the the Queen’s Bench Division of the British High Court of Justice. And to quote Hamlet, “ay, there’s the rub” because if the British Courts refuse to deal with the issues these go straight to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

    Depending on who you are and your connections it’s O.K. to commit crimes in Britain! Take for example, Jack Straw. When he was Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary he forged the signature of his Queen, Elizabeth II on the Appointment document of Major General Philip Michael Jeffery AC, CVO, MC. This is provable fact, all you need to do is examine the documentation and note that the public record is clear that Queen Elizabeth II wasn’t anywhere near the place of signing as specified on the Commission of Appointment document.

    Now the British police have been notified of all this and notified several times, but Jack Straw is still a member of the Westminster parliament is doing very well. The Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democratic parties have all been notified several times, yet nothing has been done to enforce the relatively simple to understand provisions of the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act, 1981(UK). When it comes to crime in Britain (and elsewhere) it helps if you’re a politician with connections!

    Nonetheless, when the Writ goes before the Privy Council and the European Court, Jack Straw’s forgery crimes will be aired.


  6. wake up great british we need out euorpe union and stop sent money to euorpe , we need £120,billion for all council and school and NHS and swimming and people need back work and all carehome e,t,c that what money for

  7. Eric Pickles! Save our libraries, not our bins!

    Suddenly the government has found £250,000,000.00 to spend on weekly bin collections while our services are cut!

    Instead save our jobs, libraries, universities, soldiers + sailors + pilots, leisure centres, social services, coastguards, Policemen, youth centres, lollipop people, pothole repairs and road gritting.

    Please click on the link above to have your say on this campaign.

    It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time. I really think this is an important campaign.


  8. I listen to Priministers question time every week,and nearly every week David Cameron says they have created over one million jobs in the private sector, but i have not heard anyone challenge him about how many jobs the colition goverment have lost.I would like to know how many jobs have been lost since 2010.

    Thank you

    Mrs Harwood of Blackburn

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