Osborne’s love of bankers

Chancellor George Osborne continues to show his true colours and prove that he really does love our bankers.  In spite of public disgust at recently announced bonus payments being made – to the heads of now state owned banks – Osborne has said that they are necessary and justified, arguing that the bonuses were higher under Labour.

Even his own colleagues Deputy PM Nick Clegg and London Mayor Boris Johnson have expressed their discomfort at the sums being paid out at a time when day after day the unemployment figures rise.  But it is clearly Osborne’s view that the bankers are doing a good job and that people like Stephen Hester (Chief Executive of RBS) are perfectly entitled to receive almost £1 million from the tax-payer owned banks.

Contrast this with the ConDem Government’s determination to demonise public sector workers for being ‘greedy’.  How dare the people educating our children, cleaning our streets and working in our hospitals demand decent pay and decent pensions (don’t forget that the Tories opposed the minimum wage – now around £6 an hour).

But of course I forget, Mr Osborne lives in a different world to the majority of people in this country – with a personal fortune of around £4 million I doubt he’ll ever struggle to pay the bills at the end of the month!