The end of an era – a golden age

Compare the feeling of the nation today to that in 1997 when Labour first came to power – in 97 there was joy – a national outpouring of happiness that a cruel and damaging Tory regime of 18 years had been ousted – today the feeling is of fear – where will the cuts begin?  I think it is generally accepted that maybe it was time for some kind of a change – and Gordon Brown realised that – but the election results clearly show that the public did not want a Conservative Government – neither did they want the Lib Dems – yet that is what we now have.

My view is that the last Labour Government will only truly be appreciated after a period of Conservative rule – and it will be remembered as a government that did good things for this country – it wasn’t perfect but then no government is.  Under Blair’s leadership and Brown’s chancellorship this country prospered and returned once again to being a great international power.  We invested in both the physical and the social infrastructure of Britain – schools, hospitals, transport, housing – have all seen massive investment – the first public housing programme since the last time we had a Labour Government – more police, more doctors and nurses, more teachers, the minimum wage, tax credits, more equality laws, childcare payments, support for the elderly.  The Labour Government believed in investing in our whole society because we believe that everyone deserves fairness and every person should have an equal chance in life.

And on the economy – we made the right calls – nationalising the banks to prevent economic meltdown and massive job losses.  We’re out of recession now but you can bet your bottom dollar we’d still be in it if the Tories had been in (and with more unemployed).

The Tories have not changed and will never change – they opposed virtually all of Labour’s progressive legislation – they bang on about cutting taxes but you can’t have a healthy, educated forward thinking competitive nation if you don’t invest in it and the more you invest the more people have jobs so the more people are paying tax.

The Labour Party was established to give a voice for the working class who were oppressed by the old establishment of this country – the public school educated upper classes who believed they had a given right to govern – the sad thing is David Cameron and Nick Clegg come from exactly that ‘establishment’ background.

People may over the coming months come to realise the consequences of not supporting Labour – I hope so.  One thing’s clear to me though – neither Cameron nor Clegg have any more mandate to run this country than Labour – they might cobble together a coalition and run the country for a while but the decent thing would be to go back to the country and let the people have their say again within the next 12 months.

I think you’ve got a bit too much time on your hands Dave!

As if we needed to see much more evidence of the shallowness of Tory Leader, David Cameron’s campaign, I’ve heard it all this morning after seeing a clip of his wife’s comments on ‘David – the real man!’

A few months ago our Prime Minister’s wife, Sarah Brown got up and spoke of his passion for the Country, and his workaholic nature – because he believes in improving society for the good of everyone.

What was the best Mrs Cameron could come up with?  ‘He flicks the channels on the TV too much and he’s always playing with his Blackberry.’  So, whilst Dave Cameron is trying to decide whether to watch Coronation Street or Eastenders and checking whether one of his mates has sent him an email or not our Gordon Brown is tackling weighty issues such as investment in the NHS and securing Britain’s economic recovery.

What do you think?  Who would you trust?

Pratt’s cynical response to Brown bullying allegations

Am I the only one who can see this through Christine Pratt’s cynical comments on the Gordon Brown bullying allegations? I suspect not.

No one condones bullying of any form and if there have been any cases at Number 10 then these should be investigated. However Mrs Pratt’s outburst appears very conveniently timed given the Conservative Party’s increasing inability to persuade voters to leave Labour.

With the gap in the polls down to 6% on Sunday 21st February it is clear that people are now thinking more seriously about who is most fit to run the country. Gordon Brown’s efforts on the economy have been widely backed – even unemployment has failed to climb as high as predicted (remember that in each of the last two recessions – both under the Tories – unemployment rose to over 3 million).

So lo and behold as the Tories fail to win the political argument they come along with the usual character assassination stuff! Remember the ‘demon eyes’ campaign against Blair in 1997 – yes, we’ve been here before.

The Patrons of Christine Pratt’s charity are former Tory Minister Ann Widdecombe and current Tory Councillor Mary O’Connor. It has been stated that a number of Conservative MPs have called Mrs Pratt offering their support. All sounds a bit too suspicious to me.

Professor Cary Cooper who was on the Board of the National Bullying Helpline has resigned following Mrs Pratt’s comments. This eminent academic is clear that in naming the employer involved in the allegations a confidentiality has been breached.

I think it’s time we had some proper debate about the issues that really matter!