Kate Hollern:A few snippets from the Liberal Conference


Nick Clegg says a Tory majority next year would see Britaindiminished and divided. Vince Cable says the Tories are planning punitive and unnecessary cuts to the working poor that go far beyond what is needed to cut the deficit. Both accept that the freeze on benefits would hit  millions of poorly paid working families.

Workers would fear for their jobs because Conservatives would allow bosses to “ fire them at will” while young and old would suffer time and time again  as Osborne  takes his axe to the welfare budget with no regard for the impact on people’s lives.

Schools would be run in the interest of profit for shareholders rather than the life chances of pupils

But, wait a minute. Are these the same Liberal Democrats who have supported the  Tories in implementing unfair cuts for the last four years?  Remember the Tories don’t have a majority in Parliament and every action that they have taken has needed Liberal Democrat support to become law. And now, with a  General Election round the corner, the Liberals start attacking the Tories because  their proposals are unfair. What hypocrisy!!

You can’t believe a word that Clegg and his cronies say!

The only way to avoid the scary predictions of Tory policies after 2015 is to vote Labour.


Kate Hollern:Lib Dem’s broken promises!

Where does Nick Clegg think we have all been over the last four years as he has kept in power one of the most ruthless right-wing government’s that has been relentless in attacking working families and those in society unable to defend themselves!

Today he is due to attack his Tory coalition partners and ask the public to trust him – but the truth is that he has backed the Tories all the way, and broken the promises he made at the last election. You can’t trust Nick Clegg, and you can’t trust the Lib Dems.

They broke their promises.
• They promised to scrap tuition fees and then trebled them.
• They promised not to increase VAT, warned against a “Tory VAT bombshell”, but then voted through a VAT rise on everyday working families.
• They promised a fair tax system with the wealthiest paying more, but they cut taxes for millionaires while most families are worse off.
• They promised to be on the side of working people, but working people are £1,600 a year worse off since the Lib Dems joined the Tories in government.

Any promises they make now and in the run up to the General Election are worthless and should be ignored.

A strange tale from a Liberal Councillor up North

After recuperating from the recent special Council meeting, when unsurprisingly Blackburn’s ruling coalition was embarrassed to find that even its own members could not support its damaging cuts packages, I was surfing the internet and came across a strange but interesting tale.

It concerns Lib Dem Councillor Sharron Brook who has put out a letter to her residents of her Dearne South Ward in Barnsley. In it she thanks the residents for voting for her at the recent election and then she gets to the main reason why she is writing to them.

“…. which is to ask you what you would like us to do, seeing that the Liberal Democrats have chosen to form a coalition with the Conservatives, never considering the people in the deprived north”

She continues

“We are ashamed, as you are, of what the National Lib Dems have done in joining the Conservatives. Since 1964 I have had faith in the Liberals thinking they were principled, perhaps they were in years gone by but not after this election”

Cllr Brook then goes on to give her residents three choices and asks them for their wishes for her future:

  1. Go it alone
  2. Join the Labour Party
  3. Stay as a Liberal Democrat

It would be really interesting if the Lib Dems in Blackburn and Darwen asked the voters a similar question as I think we can all guess the answer wouldn’t be number three.