President advised to abandon his paranoia about Britain

Shimon Peres, the 87-year-old President of Israel, comes from Belarus, in eastern Europe.

His immediate family were lucky.

His father emigrated to the then British-controlled protectorate of Palestine in the early 1920s.

The rest of his family stayed in Belarus.

All perished in the Nazi mass-murders in the 1940s.

Virtually everyone of Jewish ethnicity has a similar family history to Shimon […]

Israel cannot continue on this course

The land of the Bible may be nearer the Equator than Blackburn, but don’t be misled by the travel advertisements for places like Sharm el Sheik.

The Middle East can be cold, wet and thoroughly miserable. Hence, one of my indelible recollections from my time as British Foreign Secretary – a day of truly dreadful weather.

This was […]