I think you’ve got a bit too much time on your hands Dave!

As if we needed to see much more evidence of the shallowness of Tory Leader, David Cameron’s campaign, I’ve heard it all this morning after seeing a clip of his wife’s comments on ‘David – the real man!’

A few months ago our Prime Minister’s wife, Sarah Brown got up and spoke of his passion for the Country, and his workaholic nature – because he believes in improving society for the good of everyone.

What was the best Mrs Cameron could come up with?  ‘He flicks the channels on the TV too much and he’s always playing with his Blackberry.’  So, whilst Dave Cameron is trying to decide whether to watch Coronation Street or Eastenders and checking whether one of his mates has sent him an email or not our Gordon Brown is tackling weighty issues such as investment in the NHS and securing Britain’s economic recovery.

What do you think?  Who would you trust?