Ewood ward


Jamie Groves – Ewood Labour candidate for 2016

Labour's Jamie Groves seeks re-election
Labour’s Jamie Groves seeks re-election

I’m 32 years old and was brought up on the Livesey estate and I have lived in and around the area all my life. I’ve been  the Councillor for Ewood ward since 2012 and live at Farrington Close, off Moorgate Street.

Telephone: 07891 324737
E-Mail: jamie.groves@blackburn.gov.uk

2015 Election Result

Maureen Bateson (Lab): 1521

Maureen McGarvey (Con): 840

Turnout: 50.32%

Majority: 681

Your local Labour Councillor working for you in Ewood, Infirmary and Livesey

I am pleased to have once again been selected to be the Labour Candidate in Ewood Ward. I have lived in the town all my life and have three children and grandchildren. I previously worked for East Lancs Coach Builders, and I am a member of the Unite Union. Over the years I have held many positions on the Council. In my current role, as Executive Member for Regeneration, I work closely with local businesses, and serve on a number of county wide bodies dealing with regeneration, planning and transport. I am a lifelong supporter of Blackburn Rovers and work closely with the club on a range of local issues. As your Councillor I see daily the impact of Tory Government cuts on families, the young old and vulnerable. I am passionate about working and campaigning for and with local people.

Cllr Jim Casey

Holds Ewood for Labour

The 2014 result was as follows:

Simon Bennett (Con):  416

Jim Casey (Lab):  842

Turnout:  26.8%

Majority:  426

I’m Jim Casey and I am honoured to have been selected as your Labour candidate for Ewood ward in this year’s local elections. I was born in Blackburn and I have lived here all my life. I was a member of the armed forces for 11 years. I then started work for the local bus company where I became involved with the Trade Union, taking up a position as a union branch official for 12 years working hard for employees rights. I would like to pay tribute to the outgoing Councillor Florence Oldfield for her hard work, dedication and commitment to Ewood ward and, if I am elected, I hope to show the same dedication and commitment to you.

Blackburn’s Labour Council has been working hard to ensure essential services continue to be provided on an ever decreasing budget due to the Tory led coalition government’s savage cuts to the Council’s budget. I will work hard on the issues that most effect you, whether its fly tipping, anti social behaviour, dog fouling, housing , traffic issues, lack of amenities and play areas.

With attacks on the NHS, legal aid being slashed taking away access to justice, workers right being undermined, working families falling into poverty and the sick and disabled being unfairly targeted for welfare reform (cuts), we cannot allow the Tories another 5 years in power.

My priorities for the ward

Close working relations with local community groups

taking up issues for and on behalf of local residents

The never ending battle against fly tipping/rubbish dumping

Protecting our excellent children’s centres, ensuring the best possible start, opportunities and future for our young people

Continued development on the former infirmary site, creating jobs and opportunities within the borough

Improvements to highways and the new Ewood road layout

About your Councillors

jamieCllr Jamie Groves


Cllr Maureen Bateson

maureenI have served the ward and local residents as your councillor for a number of years. I am currently Executive Member for Childrens’ Services. I serve on numerous committees but, in particular, those associated with children, family and health and I am a member of the Unite Union. I am passionate about campaigning for and with the local community; I am a member of three local ward community associations and I supported the management committee of Ivy St Centre when the previous Tory-led Council tried unsuccessfully to close it.

Telephone: 01254 201889


Your Labour councillors hold regular advice surgeries at Livesey children’s and all age centre, St Andrew’s Close, Blackburn, on the first Monday of the month at 6.30pm; at the Blues Bar, Ewood Park on the third Friday of the month from 6.30pm; and Ivy Street community centre, Ivy Street, Blackburn, on the third Monday of the month from 7pm.

Local Election Results since 2001



Votes cast


Maureen Bateson Labour 1324


Alan Dean Liberal Democrat 424
Joseph smith Conservative 666
Maureen Bateson Labour 691


John Milburn Labour 623


Florence Oldfield Labour 712


Joseph Smith Conservative 580
James Thompson British National 519
Nicholas Holt British national 491
John Milburn Labour 601


Joseph smith Conservative 445


Maureen Bateson Labour 640


Adrian Page Independent 89
John Raleigh British National 321
Joseph smith Conservative 477
Florence Oldfield Labour 635
Joseph smith Conservative 638


Lee Black Conservative 995
Florence Oldfield Labour 1390




Maureen Bateson Labour 1002


Lee Black Conservative 467
Duncan Campbell 73
Jamie Groves Labour 839


Joseph Smith Conservative 343