Your local Labour team in Meadowhead


ashley1Councillor Ashley Whalley

Ashley has been the Councillor for Meadowhead ward since 2012.

He is a lecturer at Blackburn College and a staunch supporter of increased educational opportunities and decent jobs for our young people.

Councillor Julie Gunn

Julie_GunnI was born and brought up in Blackburn, living in Feniscowles with family connections in both Meadowhead and Mill Hill. After living in Birmingham, London and Brighton I returned to Blackburn to start our family; I am married and have two sons; one at secondary school and one in his last year at primary. Having children inspires me to do the best I can to make the world that they are growing into fair, and that all of us have an equal chance to succeed. This is an exciting time in their lives as I think it is for the Labour Party.

Telephone: 07930 565339


Local Election Results Since 2001

Name/Year Party Votes Cast Elected
Maureen Rishton Labour 1132 E
Paul James McGurty Conservative 975
Donald Marsden Jepson Liberal Democrat 465
Damian Martin Talbot Labour 585
Maureen Rishton Labour 717 E
Ronal Peter O’Keeffe Labour 702 E
Brian Gerard Gordon Conservative 747 E
Arthur David Goss Conservative 668
Edward Victor Harris Conservative 663
Nicholas Holt British National 457
Mark Adrian Cotterill England First 552
Mark Adrian Cotterill England First 858 E
Ronald O’Keeffe Labour 584
Konrad Jan Tapp Conservative 527
Ray Askew Liberal Democrat 247
Alan Howard Barry Conservative 761 E
Nicholas Holt British National Party 457
Ronald O’Keeffe Labour 642
Konrad Jan Tapp Conservative 661
Elaine Whittingham Labour 590
Carl Peter Nutall Labour 1285
Konrad Jan Tapp Conservative 1395 E
Alan Howard Barry Conservative 786
Carl Peter Nutall Labour 963 E
Brian Gerard Gordon Conservative 656
Ashley Richard Whalley Labour 751 E