Mill Hill

Your local Labour Team – working hard for Mill Hill, Griffin, Galligreaves and Witton

Councillor Damian Talbot

Damian TalbotDamian has represented Mill Hill Ward  since 2007. I’ve always worked hard for local residents to resolve everyday problems and to ensure that Mill Hill, Griffin, Galligreaves and Witton get their fair share of funding and the best possible services. My ward colleagues and I have secured priority funding for housing regeneration in the Griffin area and I’m also pleased that our Labour controlled council has maintained funding for PCSOs which will help to keep crime down. I’ve ensured that local facilities such as the Community Centre and Library have been protected from the unfair cuts being imposed by the ConDem government
Telephone: 07890707101

jimsmithCouncillor Jim Smith

Jim has represented the ward since 2004.  Living at Brookway Jim is always in and around the Mill Hill area.  He previously served as Chair of the Planning and Highways Committee and has held the position of Executive Member for Environment since May 2013.
Telephone: 01254 675938

Councillor Carl Nuttall

33093939_jpg-pwrt3Carl has been Councillor for Mill Hill ward since the Mill Hill by-election held in July 2015.

Carl has lived in Mill Hill all his life at Suffolk Street, New Wellington Street, and now lives right in the middle of the ward, at Mill Hill Bridge Street.

Telephone: 07854251619


Your Labour councillors  hold regular street surgeries around the ward on Saturday mornings. All houses will be leafletted prior to the surgery – just stick the leaflet in your window and we’ll come to you.

Local Election Results since 2001

Name/Year Party Votes Cast Elected
Malcom Terence Doherty Labour 1151 E
Christopher James Tattersall Conservative 400
Roger Walker Liberal Democrat 789
Marion Charnley Conservative 321
David Dawson D’Arcy Liberal Democrats 389
Alan Dean Liberal Democrats 655 E
Malcom Terence Doherty Labour 759 E
Robin James Evans Independent 169
Jessie Hickmott Liberal Democrats 437
Alistair Paul Holyoak British National Party 377
William Pickup Labour 507
James Edward Smith Labour 520 E
Alan Howard Barry Conservative 268
David Dawson D’Arcy Liberal Democrat 266
Kevin Shaw British National 437
James Edward Smith Labour 727 E
Alan Dean Liberal Democrat 281
Florence Hindle British National Party 216
Kevin Shaw England First 302
Mark Anthony Slater Conservative 195
Damian Talbot Labour 668 E
Alan Dean Liberal Democrat 583
Robin James Evans A Fair Deal For British People 332
James Kenyon Conservative 436
Jim Smith Labour 1055 E
Alan Dean Liberal Democrat 220
Des Lovett Conservative 264
Damian Talbot Labour 967 E
Alan Dean Liberal Democrat 122
Annmaire Tolley Conservative 175
Carol Walsh Labour 874 E
Michael Longbottom UKIP 401
Jim Smith Labour 772 E
Anne Marie Tolley Conservative 149
May 2015
Alan Dean Liberal Democrat 100
Michael Longbottom UKIP 618
Damian Talbot Labour 1084 E
Anne Marie Tolley Conservative 375
July 2015 (By election)
Alan Dean Liberal Democrat 69
Michael Longbottom UKIP 179
Carl Nuttall Labour 505 E
Anne Marie Tolley Conservative 106