Shadsworth with Whitebirk


Jim Shorrock – your Labour Councillor in Shadsworth with Whitebirk

Jim ShorrockI’m privileged to have once again been selected by the Labour Party as your local Council candidate for 2015. I

have lived in Shadsworth for over sixteen years and I’ve represented the Ward on Blackburn Council for over a

decade. I am actively involved in the local community and I’ve constantly defended the Ward against cutbacks and

closures. I was active in the campaign to keep Shadsworth Leisure Centre open and I’m pleased to see

the Centre still doing well. In the Town Hall I am Chair the Policy and Corporate Resources Scrutiny Committee

that holds the council to account. I am a Governor at Shadsworth Infant and Junior Schools and I am keen to

encourage and support investment in the Ward.

2015 Election Result

Jim Shorrock (Lab): 1535
Michael Andrew Madigan (UKIP): 709
Bilal Afzal (Con): 324

Turnout: 46.00%
Majority: 826



The 2014 election result was as follows:

Tony Humphrys (Lab):  1191

Caine Leech (Con):  253

Turnout:  26.5%

Majority:  938

Labour Team in Shadsworth with Whitebirk

Cllr Ron O’Keeffe

In 2008, you elected me your Councillor for Shadsworth and Whitebirk after I had previously served for 4 years as Councillor for Meadowhead Ward. Over the past 4 years, I have worked hard in the community doing my best to improve the lives of local residents and their families throughout the area.

I take great pride in my work in the ward and feel privileged to represent the area on the Council. I promised in 2008 that I would work to clean up the grot spots and I have kept my word and I can be seen all around the ward litter picking with my yellow jacket on!

Ron is a a retired businessman with 44 years experience in the town. He has five children and has been involved in all aspects of the community for many years. Ron was a magistrate for 18 years.

Telephone: 01254 260146
E-mail: ronald.o’

Cllr Tony Humphrys

Many of  you will be aware that I have been your Councillor for the past 18 years and it has been an honour to represent you.  During my term of office it has been a privilege to serve you as Mayor of the Borough.

Telephone: 01254 260256


Cllr Jim Shorrock

Jim was elected in 2004 and lives in the heart of the ward. He has been actively involved in helping and supporting residents of all ages and diverse backgrounds and serves on Management Board of the new Sure start Centre at Shadsworth and is as a Governor of St Anthony’s Primary School and Blakewater College. Jim currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Council Policy and Review Committee and is a member of the Health and Overview Scrutiny Committee.

Telephone: 01254 583494


We hold mobile streets surgeries on the first Saturday in each month. We will post notices through doors during the week notifying residents of the surgery. Anyone who wants to speak to us can fix the notice in their window and we’ll call by.

If you would like your area or street to be prioritised for a street surgery, please let us know. But remember you don’t need to wait for a street surgery in order to contact us – we are always pleased to hear from anyone in the ward who needs our help.

Local Election Results Since 2001

Name/Year Party Votes Cast Elected
James Edward Blackburn Labour 1153 E
Margaret Ruth Carus Conservative 341
David Dawson D’Arcy Liberal Democrat 403
James Edward Blackburn Labour 808 E
Margaret Ruth Carus Conservative 402
Anthony Dailly Conservative 540
Anthony Raymond Humphrys British National Party 733 E
James Brian Murray Independent 339
James Shorrock Labour 787 E
Densie Zahran Liberal Democrats 435
Susan Elizabeth Grimshaw British National Party 589
Anthony Raymond Humphrys Labour 758 E
Densie Zahran Liberal Democrats 343
Denise Fisher Liberal Democrat 357
Susan Elizabeth Grimshaw British National Party 496
James Shorrock Labour 801 E
Lorraine Chesterton Consevative 593
Glenn Evans British Jobs for British workers 484
Tony Humphrys Labour 1548 E
Robin James Evans British National Party 244
Edward Merriman Conservative 216
Jim Shorrock Labour 1222 E
Dabid Bradley British National Party 165
David Coker Conservative 116
Ron O’Keeffe Labour 1109 E


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